How a Bunch of Yogyanese Kids Spent Holidays Making Films

The edited version of this piece appeared on the Jakarta Globe (print) on July 10, 2012

Film screening at the 2nd floor of Yogyakarta Municipal Library

“If Hanung Bramantyo can do it, we can do it, alright!?” shouted Krisna Mulawarman, a broadcasting lecturer at the Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, in front of a room at the 2nd floor of the Municipal Library of Yogyakarta on Thursday (6/5) morning. Before him were a bunch of kids, sitting on the floor looking afire. These youngsters responded Krisna’s rhetorical question in sync with a quick, loud alright.
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A Short Guide to (New) Indonesian Movies

Featured at Latitudes, March 29, 2011

Indonesian cinema seems to mirror developments in Indonesian society. During colonial times most movies had Dutch involvement on one level or the other. Then, during the Sukarno years,  the newly gained independence added a nationalistic and anti-Western tinge to most movie productions. Foreign films were even banned! During Suharto’s reign, censorship gave filmmakers a tight rope to walk on, but also spurred a lot of creativity. After reaching its peak in the 80s with the likes of Catatan Si Boy (Boy’s Diary), Nagabonar, and Warkop Trio’s comedy, Indonesian film industry died down over the following decade. This was mainly due to the fact that foreign import of films resumed. Indonesian cinema had no answer to the sudden competition. As a consequence, flicks made in the 90s are mostly adult movies of poor quality. Filmmakers and fans often refer to this as the Krisis Film Nasional.

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Film-B: Tontonan Senang-Senang

Meksiko, siang hari. Seorang opsir bermuka sangar mendobrak pintu sebuah gedung. Brak! Dengan goloknya ia langsung bacok, tebas, tusuk beberapa orang secara membabi buta. Salah satu dari mereka bernasib sial. Sudah dipenggal, kepalanya dibelah pula. Darah muncrat ke segala penjuru ruangan. Ia kemudian masuk ke dalam sebuah kamar di mana seorang perempuan telanjang menyambutnya dengan senyum genit. Ia menggendongnya keluar. Namun, di saat genting si perempuan malah menggodanya. Tiba-tiba oleh si perempuan, goloknya dicabut dan cras! Selangkangan sang opsir kena gowes. Si perempuan mengeluarkan ponsel dari kemaluannya. Sesaat kemudian seorang gembong mafia obat bius datang. Ia membawa istri sang opsir dan memancungnya begitu saja.

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